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Serene Harbor's Programs and Services

Serene Harbor offers a comprehensive range of services to survivors of domestic, dating, sexual violence, and stalking. 

Services include:

  •  24/7 hotline

  • Address Confidentiality Program,

  • Emergency Shelter

  • On-site kennel

  • Adult and Child Case Management

  • Transportation

  • Assistance with the Victim's Compensation Program

  • Employment and educational opportunities through the Serene Harbor Empowerment (S.H.E.) Employment and Education Programs

  • Injunction for Protection Attorney services

  • And more.

Serene Harbor has partnered with local schools, businesses, law enforcement, and everyday citizens who share our mission. 

Our Outreach Program is one of our most valuable services, supporting survivors at every step of their journey, whether or not they require shelter.  This includes the same services listed above, apart from the shelter. These services can be utilized by those transitioning out of the shelter and those still residing in their current situation.

Survivors are considered forever-family members at Serene Harbor and have indefinite access to our outreach services. 

The Injunction for Protection Project (I.F.P.) at Serene Harbor employs a Florida Bar-licensed attorney who provides free legal advice and/or representation to survivors of domestic, dating, and sexual violence and stalking. I.F.P. legal representation depends on the survivor's eligibility. Upon receipt of the referral, an initial conflict check will be completed to ensure no legal conflicts of interest before proceeding to the in-take interview stage.

Serene Harbor's Programs Overview

Justitia Goddess

A Florida Bar Attorney provides free legal advice and representation for survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, or stalking, who are in need of an Injunction for Protection.

Injunction for Protection Attorney

Legal Protection

Legal Advocacy for you and your family

Graduating Students

Our Self-Sufficiency Program will work closely with you to help you work on your goals example: (Education or Career goals) and teach you how to maintain your independence through lessons on various topics to make everyday life easier for you.


Education, Career and more

Preparing you for the next steps in life

Moving Day

The Relocation Advocate is available to help survivors secure a new, safe home. The Relocation Advocate works with the survivor and their family to give them the necessities for their home and ensure long-term self-sufficiency

Relocation Assistance

Providing you with options to keep you safe

Working closely with the Self-Sufficiency Program

Young Businesswoman

Our Child Protection Investigations Project (CPI) Co-located Advocate works with Child Welfare and community agency partners. CPI Project goals are to enhance survivor and child safety, increase batterer accountability, reduce the number of children being removed from a non-offending parent and reducing domestic violence homicidess.

CPI Project

Child Protection Investigations Project

Helps domestic violence centers and partnering CPI Units develop referral documents, and releases necessary to share information.


Our services include legal advocacy, adult and child case management, support groups, an Address Confidentiality Program, Victim's Compensation Assistance, relocation assistance, and a full continuum of care from Serene Harbor's Empowerment Programs.

Outreach Services

Services available to all survivors

Offered to survivors and
their children

Youth Conference

Community Prevention reaches into the community. DV Educational Training, child safety, safety planning, and workplace safety training help to prevent DV in our community.

Community Prevention

Providing Awareness and Education to the Community

Services provided all through the county

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