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Meet Lilly, Serene Harbor's comfort dog

Lilly is our trained comfort dog, provided and trained by the Paws & Stripes Program through the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.


Lilly lives in our shelter, where she can comfort adult and child survivors of domestic violence. She has provided comfort to over 200 women and children since coming to us and has also captured the hearts of the entire staff. The value of a comfort animal cannot be understated. Lilly makes sure we have the love and emotional support needed to assist those we serve in our community.

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Lilly in Action ...

On a day when it seemed like there was no comfort, Lilly leaped into the lap of a child survivor who was depressed. The child looked down at Lilly, smiled, then began petting her. Lilly did not jump off the child's lap until she heard laughs. Lilly looked back before she walked away. Lilly did her job, and she continues to bring about smiles throughout the shelter!
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